Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Inoperative Squirrel??

Okay, so naming a blog is quite an immense task. How does one arrive at a Title that describes...everything in your head? How about Clusterf***? Or Electric Gray Matter Full of Thoughts?

Failing to come up with something to accurately convey me - in all honesty, who can in just one Title? - I searched the text of my novel. It starts when my main character Paul steps on a dead squirrel. Aha! - but alas, people, that name was already taken! Yes, go check it out. Something dedicated to EVIL CHIA PETS, last used in 2003. Well...

How about another language? Babel Fish arise and do your good work! Here's how it went:

Dead Squirrel to Dutch = dode eekhoorn
Dead Squirrel to French = écureuil mort
Dead Squirrel to German = totes Eichhörnchen
Dead Squirrel to Italian = scoiattolo guasto
Dead Squirrel to Spanish = ardilla muerta

Spanish was hitting close to something, but still, no spark. How about Portugese?

esquilo inoperante

Put that back to English, people, and you have literally: inoperative squirrel.

Yes! She hits it!

Well, it's a start at least. See how far I've come already on my first night? More to come...lots of writing, television, film, books, and whatever else of interest. Keep your Squirrels dead and ready...

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, a compatriot:


Quillhill said...

You hit the squirrel? No wonder it's inoperative.

Thanks for inviting Zenodotus to take a look.

Merc said...

Hahaha! Love the title of your blog.

You've seen this?

Looking forward to more posts. B-)


Vivien V. said...

My...good...lord...Merc, you have made my day.