Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Information Age

With the advent of the internet, we are in an age where most information can be found in less than five minutes. But even with that, on most agency blogs we see posts over and over again explaining that most writers are NOT doing their research.

Simple research such as making sure that you're sending to a legitimate literary agent, or that you're sending to an agency that actually represents your genre, or following up on the guidelines for submission to each agency would take a maximum of a day out of your life. Between gaining representation and swimming in the slush, I'll take the time to research.

I've been slightly overwhelmed lately just categorizing the many, many blogs out there, from both literary agents and writers (unpublished and published), but I am thankful that all of these people are posting. I recommend that all of you start to keep an eye out for blogs that you find helpful, and making a list of favorites. Try to check them at least once a week, as well as flipping through the archives when you can.

There is a great amount of knowledge to be had out there, and whatever gets us in the right direction towards publication is all right by me!

P.S. I will continually update this blog with other blogs that I have found, so start with those if you're looking for some good sources.

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